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What is HAi Assistant?

It is a personal tool for health workers that help them make medical notes in a few seconds. As simple as tapping some options from our automated survey, this will result in a complete medical note, after that, you can export the note in simple text or PDF, so you can copy the text and fill it in the electronic medical record from your hospital or just print it. 

Select Your Patient 


Choose the document


Fill the data


Confirm and export the note in the format you wish.


From hours to seconds.

Instant medical notes a few taps away. Develop your medical notes while you interview a patient with our guided and seamless system powered with AI.

All your patients and notes in one place.

Check and develop all your medical notes in our mobile or web app.

Everyone on board!

Share and edit your medical notes with your teammates.

HAi Tips: No more mistakes or neglects.

We integrated the main points of the doctor-patient interrogatory and physical examination so you can obtain an accurate diagnosis.

HAi Academic: Learn while you make your notes.

Do you know the main cause of your patients pathology, gold standard for diagnosis and first line treatment? We got you. We will provide this, and more information from several diseases in our website.

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This tool aims to reduce the time, effort, and stress caused by paperwork in Mexican hospitals.




This startup responds to the technological needs of the Mexican Healthcare System to find solutions to their problems and avoid burnout in medical staff during their day-to-day activities.

The Solution

HAi aims to provide data-driven tools necessary to make Doctors daily workflow a seamless experience while offering an alternative for the development of medical notes in a more neatly and effortlessly way.

The Goal

Transform the caregiving environment into an exceptional one, while reducing the time, effort, and stress caused by paperwork in Mexican hospitals.


Our Story

HAi was founded in April 2021 in Mexico City after two of its founders recognized during their year of medical internship that the main cause of burnout in health professionals within the hospital was the organizational system.

The biggest problem: medical notes.


Alejandro Arreola

Founder & CEO

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Founder & CTO

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José Ignacio 

León de la Barra

Founder & CMO

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HAi Team

"In HAi we visualize a future where medical notes will be taken in minutes and all of them will be available in seconds in order for Doctors to have more time for inpatient care, study or sleep"

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